Basic Bookkeeping and Tax Service provides bookkeeping, tax and consulting services for small to medium size businesses. We can take complete or just reporting responsibility for the financial side of your business as needed. We can providing monthly reports and assist owners and managers to use this information to make better management decisions.

Every business is different and we custom design our services to meet your company’s growing needs. Basic Bookkeeping has been in business since 1998. Pierre Dion the owner, has hired quality staff who will provide the following professional services depending on each organization’s level of need as follows:


Accounting System

  • We set you up on QuickBooks to provide you with quality financial reporting. Monthly Profit and Loss Statements, accounts payable and receivable aging report, 6 week cash flow report & budget and variance reporting.
  • Vendor and Customer Files: We will maintain vendor and customer files for all those with whom you do business.
  • Accounts Payable - You can send us your bills where they will be paid in a timely manner based on your cash flow or for you to pay bills.

Accounts Receivable

  • Full Service- We will invoice your customers and process collections as necessary and make deposits directly into your bank account.
  • Custom Design- We will input the invoices you have produced to construct financial reporting.

Tax preparation (Individuals & Businesses)

  • Fast and professional filing - E-filing provides a refund within 10-14 days.
  • If you request, we can qualify you to get an advance on your tax refund.
  • Professional services that are available year round.

Business Consulting

  • Build a strategic Business Plan for growth
  • Develop an operating system to assist with monitoring and executing corporate goals
  • Create and institute measurement systems to track implementation of corporate strategies and stated objectives
  • Create operational systems to maximize the efficiency of existing employees throughout the organization
  • Costing with overhead factors


Our Staff
Our qualified professionals and have the following credentials:

  • Accounting Staff - over 30 years experience of educational and practical experience.
  • CRTP (Certified Registered Tax Preparer)
  • E.A. = Enrolled Agent Licensed by a IRS with knowledge to be proficient with tax knowledge for business and individual tax reporting. An E.A. may act as your representative to settle tax issues with the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board. E.A.'s can represent tax clients up to tax court.


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